Start here for Clear Skin ☺️By Esthetician’s

Start here for Clear Skin ☺️By Esthetician’s

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kin care treatments at home can be beneficial to the skin if they are used properly! For instance the deep cleanser, high frequency machines, and even face masks can all help clear up acne. These treatments should be used 1-3 times a week, doing too much to your skin can cause irritation, strip the oil’s from your skin or even damage your skin. 😊


Witch hazel is an ingredient that is often used too frequent and in the wrong way leading to irritation or dryness to the skin. Those with more oil prone skin can use witch hazel products 1-2 times a week and still achieve results. 



Using a double cleanser system in your skin care routine is very beneficial . The first cleanser will help remove any dirt or oil on the skin which allows the second cleanser to have better product penetration and receive it’s key ingredients. (This is why a shower is recommended prior to deep cleanser and to help open up those pores!)
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