Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of your most asked questions!

Everyone's skin and results vary! Results can be noticed up to 10 days after a treatment on average. Generally we see extreme improvement in acne/oil visible on the surface. Smaller blackheads, and also decreased wrinkle sizes are also common. Pores appear cleaner and the skin is smoother with little debri left on and under the surface.

Not at all! When used properly and pores relaxed there should be no pain in any part of the deep cleansing process. We do advise to dampen face with water or steam face before use!

Just 1 click to turn on our deep cleansers generally come half/fully charged, Click once more to rotate through the suction settings!
One Light -lowest Two Lights- medium Three Lights- max
Hold the button for 5 second to power down the device.

We recommend a maximum number of 2-4 deep cleanings per week. We are a treatment not a one time fix. Results are best seen over time of using the deep cleanser though there will be visible removal of “gunk” after each use (given the skin is dirty) Using your deep cleanser right after your night time shower is the perfect time. Wake up with flawless glowing skin.

To clean your deep cleanser tips we recommend using q-tips and rinsing them under warm water after extraction is removed. The cleansers also have filters behind the tip under the small circular cap leading to the vacuum. These filters can be reused and rinsed. .

Yes! We offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. We also offer free returns, and exchanges!