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Step One Steam or wash face with warm water

Step Two Turn on the cleanser and move device left-right, up-down on effected area DO NOT HOLD IN ANY ONE SPOT :)

Step Three Enjoy clear, smooth skin from the comfort of your home.

Step 1. Remove all makeup and wash face the face (a 2 step cleanser can be very beneficial) Step 2. With warm water or our Aura steam relax and open your pores prior to deep cleansing (3-5 min with the face still damp after) Step 3. Turn on your cleanser with a tap of the button (some devices require you hold the button for 3 sec) Start on the lowest setting and adjust as needed Step 4. Begin with the skinny nose "for blackheads" on areas of the chin and around the nose. KEEPING THE SKIN TAUGHT as this tip is great for small pore extraction of both acne and blackheads! Reminders** Never deep cleanse on an non steamed, dry area! This is a treatment! Blackhead removal can take anywhere from 1-5 treatments to loosen and extract tough blackheads! Do Not use the deep cleanser back to back days and limit your self to 3 treatments a week!

Elliptical Head
General Use, Low Suction (Blackheads, acne, and all general skin treatments.
Circular Head, Oval Head
Low suction only, for hard to get oils (rare cases)
Small Circular Tip
Diamond abrasion, low-medium suction for skin redness and increased blood-flow.