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Based on 315 reviews

Official Deep Cleanser Kit


I had doubts buying this but it seriously works! My face looks clearer already, especially my nose which has always been a problem area for me. I use 3 times a week after washing my face. Highly recommend!

Smooth skin

I love this thing it made my skin feel so smooth I bought the bundle pack and gave one to my sister we both love this. It does hurt a little bit but it made our skin feel amazing.

Love it!!!

My skin looks smooth an healthy!!

Works well!

I’ve only used it a couple of times but each time I have used it it definitely removes dead skin cells. It’s a great way to exfoliate the face!

Love this product!!!!

Easy Clean!

This tool was super easy to use. I have been using it about every 1.5 weeks after cleaning my face and it's incredible the dead skin that it's able to pull off! I appreciate the variety of head attachments as well.

I was very impressed with our first use! It really got out so much and I was very skeptical when purchasing but for the price you can not beat it so I gave it a shot. I could tell a big difference in my skin texture as well and my pores shrunk. For the best results continued use, as I noticed that going 2 weeks without it did my skin no good. I have recommended this to family and friends!

Deep cleanser

I love it alot, it definitely works. I found use it on strongest setting works best for me!

Clear them pores

This device really works! I tried it without steaming my face first just to see and was surprised seeing it clear up some pores. Make sure steam face to open up pores and then use this for better results. It’s so worth the money!!! Best investment!


This gets all the nasty right out of your pores! You will not be disappointed!!

It works

I love it. I use it twice a week

PRE ORDER ONLY - Official Deep Cleanser Kit - Ships 1st week of April

Love it!

Something that actually works!! This literally works wonders!

Face looks great after use

Bought for my kids. My son is the only who has used it and he loves it. He face looks so good after using a steamer and the clear pro. Wish it came with replacement filters though. Cant wait to try it myself.

Works awesome

I was skeptical about ordering this and so glad I did!!! Works great
Definitely recommend


As someone who is religious about washing her face twice every day, I was amazed at how well this worked. I’ve told all my friends and family about it too!

Surprisingly effective!

Came here based on Jamie French's recommendation, but wasn't sure what to expect for the price. It's actually great! I've seen a noticeable difference in constant redness/bumps on my cheeks and it preps my skin for products better at night.

It works!

I was skeptical about trying this until I saw Jaime French using it. It seriously removes a lot of unwanted bacteria & blackheads. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it has a tip for wrinkles too. I’m 40 and my forehead lines are getting deeper. I’m hoping with continued use of the ClearPRO I will start noticing a difference there as well. If you’ve been on the fence about trying this product, jump and try it! :)

Wow wow WOW

I’m speechless.....this pore vacuum is amazing.....even my husband loves it! The gunk it gets out of my skin is insane. That’s after cleansing and scrubbing my pores, that it gets all that junk out. I would recommend the Deep Cleanser from Clear Pro 100 X over!!! Thank you Clear Pro for this amazing product!!!


Love this so much it does so much for my face as I will recommend to my family and friends!!!

Gets the yuck out!

My husband uses it and we amazed how much stuff came out of his nose....

Works well

It has quite a bit of power behind it. Need to be careful on more delicate areas and always keep it moving, don’t stop mid way on your face. Overall works good. I think a facial steamer would really be nice for using this product to open up the pores.

Great product!

This product does wonders. I am extremely pleased!

Clear pro

Works great ! Good suction and different heads for different purposes ! I like it ! Works as advertised