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Based on 284 reviews
So easy and effective!

So far so good! I only use the lowest setting.. I steam my face first, and pull the skin to allow the device to go smoothly across the skin. My chin now looks much more poreless -- took years away!

Great cleanser

The cleanser works great. Takes all of oil, dead skin and helped get rid of my blackheads!!

The best I've tried!

I love the different suction settings and the option to change out the tips! This pore vacuum really works well and being able to change the suction and the tip depending on what area you're doing is awesome. 10/10


It does exactly what I wanted it to do, it really cleaned up my skin, I'm so pleased. It has 3 suction settings which is super handy and a bunch of tips to choose from. I was worried about buying a pore vacuum, but then Jaime French recommended this one and I was right to trust her!


This product worked just as Jaime French showed. I'm impressed! It's super easy to use and clean, too.

Gets the job done!

I had this blackhead that I didn’t want to extract by any other method until I got a hold of this. When I finally tried, it extracted effortlessly. Not to mention, the extra sebum and whiteheads on my nose has noticeably decreased! Highly recommend if you’re looking for all over smoother skin.

face feels amazing!!

I have had this for a week and its truly insane how much stuff is left inside of your pores after you think its clean!! my face feels so smooth after I use it, I love it!

Works great!

I only just received mine, so I can't speak to any long term use benefits, but on first use it seemed to work pretty well. I tried all the different heads to test them out for their different uses. Looking forward to reevaluating in a few weeks to see if I notice any improvement on pore size, etc.

Wow, and also, EWW!

Okay, okay, you're reading this and thinking, this review can't be true. Uhm, I'm here to tell you - YES IT IS! I've tried other skin vacuums before, and truthfully, they didn't do much except make a lot of noise. The ClearPRO though, is this magical little device that sucked so much gunk out of my pores...I was both disgusted and amazed. Truth be told, it can be a bit intense at first, and I did leave it on my chin for just a beat too long - which resulted in some light bruising. That was totally operator error. I am so excited to continue using this little product! Next up, convincing my hubs to me suck the heck out of his face! :)

Would recommend

Used it last night and holy wow my pores are looking great! Customer service is awesome too, ordered 2 only received 1 and they refunded me for the one I didn't get! 💕💕

Made my skin feel so smooth!

It didn't work as well as I expected but I'm still pleased with it. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and my pores look smaller!


Wow! This thing really works. I wasn’t expecting much so I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I would definitely recommend!

Total surprise!!

I was skeptical after seeing all the different pore vacuums but, this worked I’ve only used it one time but that was enough to see what cleansers leave behind. Watching Jamie French use hers I was intrigued !!

Official Deep Cleanser Kit

Leaves skin feeling smooth!

This product is easy to use and it works. You can see all the junk it's collected in the tube which is gross and satisfying all at once. My skin feels smoother after use.

Extract Extraordinaire

What an amazing tool! With little to no hope of clearing my skin after years of trying multiple sources with little to no effect I stumbled across this. I bought it on a whim and I am not disappointed, wow! My skin has never felt nor looked better. Thank you!

Easy enough for a newbie

Started paying better attention to my skincare routine (now that I've got all this free time - thanks COVID!). After watching a video from Jaime French featuring her demoing the product, I figured why not!

The ordering and fulfillment process was easy and FAST! I submitted my order over the web using Google Chrome without issues. I received my shipment within a couple of days.

I've only tried the cleansing kit once so far, but that first session was eye-opening at the amount of pores are living in my chin and nose...EWWWW.....I only gave myself one accidental dime-sized hickey (totally my fault).

As for cleaning, I recommend using a pipe-cleaning style brush to more easily clean the tips when hand washing.

Looking forward to using this more and maybe even getting my boyfriend to try it out.

Sceptic Turned Believer!

I did not think that this product would be able to get out all the gunk on my nose but boy was I wrong!
I've been using pore strips for a long time but feel like they haven't really worked in getting all the little bits of dirt out of the pores on my nose and chin so wanted to try something new. This popped up on my instagram feed (cause they read minds) and I figured why not?
OMG this thing is amazing! I do it a couple times a week after a long, steamy shower and it gets so much stuff out. I will be recommending this product for a long time!

Great product.

As someone who really tries to keep up with their skincare I was very intrigued to try this out. After using it I was surprised to how silky my skin felt afterward not only the day of but the day after. I’ve done chemical peels, gotten deep facials and my face has never felt as soft as it did using this product. I did have some redness after using it but that’s due to me having highly sensitive skin, and since I tried the product in the evening the redness went away the morning after.

Amazing product

I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for 20+ years. During that time, I’ve spent tons of money on dermatologists, medicine, facials. I love this product. I can do a deep clean of my face at home. The first time I used it, I already saw a change for the better. My pores are clean. I do notice it’s much better at removing blackheads than any other spots on my skin, but still very happy with how my skin looks.

Official Deep Cleanser Kit

Seems to work!

My skin right now was pretty clean, but it still took out some stuff. I'd love to see this thing take on a big one!

Just Amazing!!!

Have only used it twice, and can already see that my pores are clearer.

Amazing Customer Service

I would like to say their Customer Service is amazing. I ordered the deep cleanser for my daughter as a Christmas gift on Nov 12th and still have not received it. I contacted USPS and was told they could not locate my order. I contacted Clearproskin and they immediately responded and set my mind at ease. They were very understanding and caring...and told me not to worry another one would be on its way! I am so happy with how their customer service handled my situation and I know my daughter will be a happy customer. I will definitely have her write a review once she has had time to use it.

Amazing product im very satisfied and would recommend it to everyone!!!!!!!!